Floor Cassettes Northern Ireland & Ireland

Murdock Roof Trusses offer a range of Floor Cassettes for residential and non-residential projects across Northern Ireland & Ireland. Floor Cassettes are now hugely popular across the UK, with many UK house builders already using Floor Cassettes. Floor Cassettes provide stability of the working platform which reduces time on-site significantly.

Murdock Roof Trusses can provide floor cassettes that meet your specification. Floor Cassettes are becoming increasing popular because they can not only speed up the assembly process but also improve safety on-site.

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Benefits of Floor Cassettes:

  • Speed up assembly time on-site
  • Consistent quality due to precise manufacturing environment
  • Easy to transport and install as lifting straps can be attached
  • Suitable for timber frame construction
  • Reduces time on-site
  • Improved Health & Safety on-site