Murdock Roof Trusses design and supply Metal Web Floor Joists. Commonly none as SpaceJoist we offer a comprehensive range of depths from 195mm to 424mm as a direct competitor to solid timber joists – SpaceJoist are popular in both the domestic and commercial market with the ability to cover long spans up to 12 meters with support.  Combining the best features of an I-joist with an open web construction. SpaceJoist delivers a quality product for maximum job site efficiency with no waste or cutting on site and overall cost effectiveness. We use Gangnail design software to engineer SpaceJoists for maximum economy and design turnaround speed.

Murdock Roof Trusses provide made-to-measure  SpaceJoists across Northern Ireland and Ireland. We liaise with our customers to ensure their specification is met; we will also provide advice on installation methods for all our products.

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